Friday, June 7, 2013

RetrospecEATS - Cvi.Che 105

So I don't know if I already mentioned this but I'm back in Miami for a few weeks this summer. I headed downtown to run some errands with my mom and once we were done we were STARVING. The only place that I always even think of going to if I am in downtown Miami is Cvi.Che 105. I first discovered this restaurant about 2 years ago.  A friend had taken me for lunch there and since that moment I have been a ceviche junkie.

The area the restaurant is located in recieves a lot of traffic due to it's location in Miami so parking near there could be quite a hassle and costly. It was raining all day and after a long day of errands I didn't even want to bother with parking so I just had had my car put in valet. It was only $10 and considering parking on the meters in Miami can run you anywhere from $6-12 dollars it wasn't too bad.

As soon as we sat down we were given a bowl of roasted corn which I have always thought was a really nice, simplistic and delicious touch! The menus we got were falling apart which was really surprising but not a big issue to us personally. The one thing I gotta say about the menu is it can be a little hard to decipher. They provide you with the basics with what will be in the dish but it gets pretty confusing if you are not well versed in the Peruvian terms. For example, one of the descriptions says, "infused with the rising sun." As lovely as that sounds I'm gonna need some specifics on what this rising sun is...too sweet? Give me something! But our waiter was very helpful and patient and walked us through the dishes.

We ordered the stuffed potatoes with prawns and avocados as an appetizer. My mom has a major phobia of raw fish so she ordered the Lomo Salteado aka steak and I ordered the Ceviche Pucusana 105. As much as I like the restaurant the description of my dish was about how much I would enjoy the ceviche but not at all what was in it. I think more clarity within the menu especially for those who aren't peruvian would be really helpful. Anyway my mom's dish arrived in ....I swear to you.... 2 minutes! My mom was fearful that they just had given her a canceled food ordered or something that was not fresh. Which I don't blame her for thinking considering we got the appetizer and my food 15 minutes later.

Now onto the food.... the food is always delicious. I don't even know what they do to it that's so delicious but it always is the perfect blend of flavor. The appetizer was beautifully prepared and you can really taste each of the ingredients. The ceviche always is so refreshing to have. Similar to how southern comfort food makes you feel all kinds of special so does their ceviche minus the sleepy after effects. The lomo was also pretty good the pieces were all cooked to a medium and blending with a lot of fresh herbs. What I have to really emphasize here is that you can REALLY taste how FRESH this food is. It is so artfully prepared and always is the perfect blend of ingredients. Plus proportions are really generous as well. We had A LOT to take home which is always great.

Regardless of the small discrepancies I had eating here I would highly recommend trying this place out if you are in the downtown area. The food really is indescribably good.

**Also please excuse the crappy iphone 4 pictures.... like I said it was raining all day I didn't want to lug around my canon**

1. If you are in the area....give this place a try! The food won't disappoint.
2. As mentioned above ESPECIALLY if you are going on busier day (i.e Friday night) opt for the valet option. It it really convenient and you might possibly even spend just as much parking on your own.
3. Take advantage of the location that it is. It is in such a prime area of downtown. The american airlines arena is nearby as well as bayside so take advantage of exploring the city.

What’s your favorite kind of food? Have you recently discovered a new restaurant you love? Let me know below!


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