Sunday, May 12, 2013

RestrospecEATS- Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

Please excuse the crappy instagram photo/flickered image. My mouth is currently drooling as I write this review. Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack is probably the most delicious random expenditure I have ever stumbled on and BOY am I GLAD.I had been to bird's once an old friend of mine had a comedy show that I had attended for support. It was so packed on its comedy night there was absolutely no seating left. If that is any indicator of what is to come then get ready! I would constantly drive by Bird's but never took the risk I always noticed the plethora of cars out front and as tempted as I was never had the opportunity. That was until Wednesday.

Upon entering Bird's you notice a set of seating out in the front and I wasn't really tempted to be out in the heat so I entered the facility and was greeted with the most outrageous decor I have ever seen. Anything imaginable is probably somewhere on the Bird's wall including the nostalgic Peewee Herman pictured above. I absolutely loved every piece of decor including the despicable me minion in the corner and Budweiser chandelier.

We were greeted by a group of employees who instructed us to sit anywhere we desired. As we sat down I noticed a stack of menus at the corner of the table. It was a fairly simple menu with a few key items, burgers, oysters and side items. All were priced at a very fair price and were highly customizable. You could choose the toppings on the burger and even the spice it is coated in. Even though it was short it seems as though the items offered are ones they do extremely well so I can't even complain. The selections are basic enough to make them into whatever you want them to be. The menu itself was HILARIOUS there is humor throughout the menu which really extenuates the quirkiness of the place. I decided on the 10oz burger, in the Bird's special spice and onion rings…no special toppings. The waiter was very patient and kind and refilled the drink often which was much appreciated. Also the owner (I believe) came by to check on how we were enjoying the burger it was a VERY friendly and laid back environment. The wait for the food was not long at all but it might have been due to the timing and lack of people currently in the restaurant. Can I tell you guys this burger was LARGE and in charge. The picture above does not do it must justice but this burger was RIDICOUSLY large and the serving of onion rings was really generous. I savored bite by bite and even when I sickly full I still stuffed myself because it was just THAT good. 

As someone who has enjoyed  a lot of food places in Tallahassee I can easily say Bird's might be my personal FAVORITE burger. Monk's definitely comes in close second but the freshness and tastiness of Bird's cannot be beat! 
Bird's also contains the added bonus of having selected nights as event nights. Wednesday’s are comedy nights where the local comedians are hilarious and the atmosphere is generally light and pleasant. It is a little packed so I would anticipate coming earlier so you can get your order in and a seat near the front. While the place is small it fit's a good amount of people so don't be weary of not having space even if you have to stand it is well worth it. While I haven't visited on any of the other specialty nights I look forward to hopefully catching a movie there or a local band there soon. This is a major hidden gem and if you haven't had the chance I would recommend making a trip out soon. I will be coming here again soon and am exciting to try more of the selections on the menu. 
For more information and glance at the menu check out:
Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack on Urbanspoon

1. GO HERE. Seriously. If you are in Tallahassee right now stop reading this and GO.
2. Go on any of the specialty night's it is packed but well worth it and is a good and exciting night out
3. Head there early! It get's really packed in the small space so make sure you are there earlier. Remember early is on time. On time is late and late is unacceptable!
4. Order the burger, GET Bird's seasoning...thank me later. 
5. If you pay in cash you will get a dollar off your total order! 

Let me know if you have tried Bird's before or other places you have had superb food!
Love you lots!

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